Our mission: to be the very best transcription service provider for your post-production, corporate communications and publishing needs.

We guarantee complete accuracy in content and spelling, with word-for-word documents that are easy to read, easy to understand and easy to follow. All Highscribe transcripts are transcribed and thoroughly proofread by our Canadian-based crew.

For your publishing needs, we’ll also copy edit your transcripts for grammar and usage.

Confidentiality agreements are available upon request. Discretion is always guaranteed.

“We have worked with Highscribe for many years and it has 
always been a pleasure. Our projects are turned around 
quickly and professionally and we find that the accuracy 
of their working transcripts assists us greatly in being 
more efficient in post-production.”

Isabel Diamond, Executive Producer, Bradford Productions

“I just wanted to send a quick note saying HOW THRILLED I am with your transcripts. It makes my job so much easier when transcripts 
actually contain the real words that people are saying! What a concept. Anyhoo – THANK YOU, for your excellent work. I’m copying our Post Supervisor on this so that our production office knows what a FINE job you’re doing.”

Maureen Boyton, Story Editor, Til Debt Do Us Part